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All parents are expected to help the run the Friday night competitions. Its fun and easy, so don't be scared. There is always someone around who will be able to help out with any questions. The key Friday requirements are:

  • Track Official - Volunteer via the TeamApp. Every Friday night requires 6 volunteers. Friday nights cannot start at 6pm until those 6 roles are filled.

  • Age Group Coordinator - Parents are expected to help with their children's age group.

How to help on a Friday Night

Along with the key volunteer requirements above, there are many other ways to help out:

  1. Equipment set up

  2. Track official (recorder, starter, referee, place judge)

  3. Age Group Coordinator

  4. Pack up equipment

  5. Canteen and barbecue

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1. Equipment Set Up

All the field events and the track need to be set up and ready for 6pm.  Each rotation of the programme has slightly different requirements but typically all equipment trolleys need to be taken to their designated area and the equipment set up in readiness for the events.   The arena layout is included in the links below and  equipment to be set up includes:

  • Equipment trolleys: SP1, SP2, Discus1, Discus2, Discus3, Vortex/SP3/Turbo Jav,  LJ1/2, LJ3/4, LJ5/6

  • Tiny Tots- this will usually be done by the coach but help is appreciated

  • High Jump mats - a task requiring at least 4 people as they are quite heavy

  • Hurdles (when it is a hurdle rotation)

  • Track:  computers, place judges equipment, starter equipment, cones (event dependent)

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2. Track Official

We run two tracks simultaneously each week and each track will require at least three people.

We are ask people to volunteer for the role via TeamApp.
Essential role for each track are:

  • Recorder:  This person will need to know how to set up and operate the computer and recording system

  • Referee:  Usually the Recorder/Computer operator.

  • Chief Place Judge: Organise and ensure the place judges are ready

  • 2 or more Place Judges. These place judges are generally filled by the parents of the race that is currently running.

Helpful Files: Recording a Race, Place Judge, Starter Duties

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3. Age Group Coordinator

Athletes will generally be grouped by age and gender.  Each week a group coordinator per group is required. It can easily be shared by multiple parents.

The main responsibilities of the Group Coordinator are:

  • Sign out the group folder from the canteen

  • Check the folder for the night programme and any special messages

  • Assemble your athletes and check they are on your field sheet listing (add them otherwise)

  • Manage all the activities of your group of athletes as they proceed through their 5 events.

  • Ensure you have enough helpers for the night's events (at least two but there are jobs for 6)

  • With your helpers, complete the field sheets for all performances

  • pack up and return the equipment  (last event) if you are the last to use (check the programme)

Note:  Groups are typically assembled as the same age and gender.  However, depending on numbers, there may be combination of some groups so that each group has similar numbers.  We try to ensure there are between 10 and 20 athletes in any one group.

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4. Pack Up

If you are the last group for the event (check the programme), please pack up the equipment and take the trolley back to the shed.   Just leave it outside and we will place it in the shed.  The links below include an equipment list and photographs for each event; please stack and store  in accordance with the guides.

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5. Canteen and barbecue

Help is always appreciated in the canteen and the barbecue cook is the most important person on the site.

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