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There are a few options for coaching our athletes at both The Gap Little Athletics and Ashgrove Rangers who are the Queensland Athletics club and they also train at the High School grounds.

TGLA coaching night is Wednesday from 6:00 pm (5:45 for  warm up) at The Gap State High School Oval for all athletes (except tiny tots).   All TGLA coaching is included in your registration fee and is optional.

The Gap Little Athletics.
We have a coaching night on Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm each week during the season. Wednesday coaching will include all our events presented in a weekly programme.   We will typically have up to four coaches available. 

Wednesday night will generally provide three events and the athletes can choose the one they want to participate in. The three event will be selected from: sprint or hurdle, a throw (Shot, Discus or Javelin), a horizontal jump and high jump (high jump will always be either scissors or flop - not both). Event selection will sometimes be limited by availability of coaches.

There is also additional coaching available to the older athletes (under 9 and older) on Saturdays. This is generally a regular strength and conditioning session followed by technique on request. See the notice board for weekly updates. One on one coaching is available on request.

Ashgrove Rangers.
Rangers train on Monday and Thursday evening from 5:45pm to 7pm. They provide training (and some coaching) for sprints and middle distance events. A coach is available for throws and horizontal jumps most evenings.

Our under 9 and older Little Athletes are welcome and encouraged to attend these sessions for a small fee of $5 paid directly to Rangers on the night.

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Current Qualified Coaches

    Tokuko Pitt:   Level 4 hurdle, sprints, LJ, TJ
    Gary Morrisby:  Level 3 High Performance Jumps,Throws, Sprints, Hurdles, FAST
    Bernadette Duggan  Level 2 Jumps
    Lynette Kotze:  HJ - flop and scissor
    Andrew Duggan: All Throws
    Kate Watson:  ITC, Tiny Tots FAST, Middle Distance
    Lauren Davidson: Tiny Tots, ITC
    Harry Crotty  ITC
    Leo Schafer  ITC

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