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Little athletics offers competition at Centre, Regional, State and National level.  The athletes can enjoy their time at the Centre by training hard and seeking Centre Records and State qualification, or just having fun and socialising.  

There are opportunities for our athletes to reach State level Championships or to the National Championship for the under 13 and 15 athletes.  Whatever their expectation, The Gap Little Athletics will be there to help them achieve their own personal best performances.

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Competition Meets

Centre Meetings at The Gap
Our Centre meets aim to fulfil the Little Athletics ethos of fun, family and fitness.  Our meets are held most Friday evenings from late August to Mid March from 6pm to about 8:30pm.

Under 6 group has a special programme of games and moderated activities to develop skills. As the season progresses and the athletes' skills develop, more activities can be included to meet the requirements of the group

Under 7 and 8 groups generally follow the 5 event programme for the night and it will include some game play activities. Parents are encouraged no ensure these skill development activities are not overlooked - they are important for you athlete's development, they are fun and they are counted in the awards system.

Under 9 -17 will complete a 5 event programme each week. The programme is on rotation and is designed to ensure the athletes are offered all LAQ approved events equally.1500m, Race Walks and 200/300m hurdles are offered as a 6th optional events during the rotation cycle.

The Gap Pentathlon in 30 minutes
In 2016 The Gap Little Athletics ran its inaugural "Pentathlon in 30 minutes".
Not only was it the first time for our club but we believe it to be the first time ever - A World First!
This event is now run annually in early December

Met North Regional Relays (for U7-U17s)
The Regional Relays are open to all registered Little Athletics from the U7-U17s and provide friendly regional competition for all athletes in these age groups. Each athlete may nominate to participate in a maximum number of 5 events at the regionals.

Under 9-17s can qualify for State Relay Championships by finishing 1st 2nd or 3rd in their events. The U7s and U8s who participate in the Regional Relays do not progress past regional level; however they do receive a participation medallion.

There will be both track and field relay teams. A track team consists of 4 nominated athletes, and a field team is decided depending on the results of the competition (the best two Gap athletes form a team, the next two best form another team and so on.)

Nominate through your Group Coordinator or our Team Manager - or just ask at the canteen

LAQ State Relays (for U9-U17s)
Track and field teams who finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd qualify to compete at the State Relay competition. All competitors receive a certificate of participation. Medals are awarded to all members of teams placing first, second and third. Athletes compete for participation points for their respective centres in an attempt to earn the State Relay awards.
Our Team Manager will coordinate nominations for this event

Met North Regional Championships (for U7 – U17s)
One of the major events on the Little Athletics calendar, the Regional Championships is open to U7 to U17 age groups.  Athletes can compete in a maximum of five events and the first four place getters (u9 and up) in every event qualify for the State Championships. U7 and U8 athletes all receive medals for their participation at these games.

Nominate through your Group Coordinator or our Team Manager - or just ask at the canteen

LAQ State Championships (U9 – U17s)
The State Championships are held over three days (Friday to Sunday) for all those U9 to U17 athletes who qualified as place getter (1st to 4th) in the Regional Championships.
Our Team Manager will coordinate nominations for this event

Spring Carnival (for U7 – U 10s)
The Spring Carnival is held each year at the Bundaberg Region Athletics Facility and is open to all U7 – U17 LAQ registered athletes as well as non-LAQ registered (age appropriate) athletes.
Nominate here

LAQ Summer Carnival (for U7 – U 17s)
The Senior Carnival is an opportunity for athletes in these age groups to take part in a larger scale competition. Athletes can nominate up to five events and there is not performance qualification to enter. It also allows athletes of the U13’s age group to register performances to which State Team Selectors may refer to select the state team.
Nominate here

LAQ Combined Events Championship
The Combined Event Championships is for U9 – U17s and offers participation for U7 – U8s in set combined events.
Nominate here

Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC)
The Australian Little Athletics Championships is a Little Athletics Australia National competition conducted for State Teams comprising of U13 and U15 Multi-Event Athletes.

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